Worship Partner

Cam Tyssen

“I learned to play the guitar as an 18 year old Bible College freshman. From the moment I played that first chord, I knew I was going to use the guitar for worship. It had never even crossed my mind before that, but that first chord was the spark in what was to become a wildfire in my life.”

Born and raised in a small town in southern British Columbia Canada, Cam returned home after Bible School and quickly got involved in the music ministry there. His passion for Worship music deepened and he grew both musically and as a leader in his hometown church.

"I believe that the desire to worship something bigger than us has been ingrained in us since creation. When God breathed that very first breath of life into Adam, the desire for closeness with the Father was established. Something very powerful happens when we as believers gather together and sing profound truths with each other. Some of my favorite experiences leading have been when the different churches in the community gathered together for a service. There is something awesome that happens when we put aside our doctrinal and preferential differences and just focus on Jesus together."

Cam now lives and works in the mountains of southern British Columbia with his wife and two young boys. He attends and leads worship at Oliver Alliance Church in Oliver BC, Canada.