Chris Cava

Guitar fingerstyle artist, Chris Cava has made himself notorious in the Tampa Bay Area for leaving crowds jaw dropped as he plays his mixtures and compilations of flamenco classical and percussive guitar leaving each crowd member a memorable moment in the presence of his playing. The sophistication of his playing intrigues the listening ear as he brings a new, vibrant feel to the listener and viewer. This is his ideal concept to demonstrate and construct the modern era of music and performing arts as brings it to the stage. As a caliber of his own, watching his fingers dance across the fretboard like a storm of his own , he merges into the influence of legendary guitar player Michael Hedges with a similar style and tone of modern music. "Storming Dreadnought" was a huge success in his career as a young artist in the works, having it being the first featured song to reach the coast of Europe as it finds itself in the library and repertoire of Pop-Up Music U.K for soundtrack and production.

In the year 2017, Chris Cava received his first endorsement, Gopherwood Guitars .

Onto the review about the Gopherwood G620CE

It's an OUTSTANDING guitar and it's honestly one of the best guitars I've played. The sound, tone, the integrity of the wood, the pick up system is honestly the best I've played compared to any guitar. The Wilkinson guitar peg tuners adds a nice quality to the guitar making tuning so much easier, the pick ups are amazing and it picks up so much detail in the notes played on the guitar. I love everything about the guitar. The guitar is outstanding and there has been no problems with it and it still holds its place in my guitar collection as the best acoustic guitar. It makes me really eager to try out other models of Gopherwood guitars to find more unique sounds.