Gianvito Ray Fersini

Ray understood from the very beginning that his mission was to convey emotion to others through his music. After playing with various punk rock bands in many clubs all across Italy, and working as a sound engineer in various recording studios during his teenage years, he decided to pursue his solo career.

So he began to share music videos on the web that he filmed and produced entirely on his own from his room.Many of these videos have gone viral, being shared by thousands of people and getting millions of views.

In a little over a year, Ray reached his first 100,000 fans through his Facebook page. He is currently working on his first EP, and in the meantime is continuing to share videos through his social media networks.

About the Gopherwood i320CE:

"I think that the i320CE is the best guitar that I have ever tried in my life. It sounds amazing and looks stunning."