Nathan Sheridan

Nathan Sheridan is a passionate Christian artist on the verge of a burgeoning career in the music industry. His debut single, “My God,” showcases a unique vocal style and unrelenting commitment to his love of Christ. having recently produced the track with Jeremy Holderfield at Red Beard Studios, Nathan’s journey has proved to be a miraculous unfolding of God’s will for him to uplift and spread love through music. With unlikely beginnings, Nathan’s musical talent has developed with both a burning desire and God’s support.

Nathan was only 15 when he simultaneously discovered his connection both to God and music. despite his lack of formal training, Nathan’s musical affinity has opened many doors for him. After being given his first guitar at the age of 15 by his sister, by the age of 17 Nathan already had aspirations to seriously pursue his artistic endeavors as a singer-songwriter. Born to drug-addicted parents, Nathan was raised by his Grandparents in the small town of Pearl River, LA. With encouragement from friends and family, he began to sing on stage, and slowly worked his way up to leading worship in the band run by his home church’s youth group. Nathan’s abilities as a wide-ranging vocalist, capable songwriter and lyricist soon became clear. His passion for worship and leading a crowd into the spirit became impossible to ignore.

At the age of 17, Nathan signed up for a 6-year contract with the US Army National Guard and was deployed to Kuwait for 9 months to participate in Operation Enduring Freedom. Nathan soon began leading worship at the chapel on base for hundreds of soldiers every week. It was there that Nathan really honed his musical abilities, and discovered exactly what god had in store for him. He dedicated himself to using his gift to lead others and spread the message that God has a plan for every life, regardless of their past, just as he had for Nathan.

Nathan has since married his wife, Harley Sheridan, and gone on to produce his first self-titled debut album with Jeremy Holderfield from Seventh Day Slumber. Nathan collaborated with other well-known artists on the album including Brandon Bagby from Audio Adrenaline (guitar), and Lester Estelle Jr. from Kelly Clarkson (drums). Nathan’s powerful vocals continue to win over audiences in what is set to be a career of great success ahead of him.