Todd Dulaney

Dynamic worship leader, husband, father, and prolific songwriter are all terms that embody who Todd Dulaney is. Dulaney has delivered some of the biggest worship anthems of the past three years with his remake of the Planet Shakers’ CCM hit, “The Anthem,” and “Victory Belongs To Jesus,” which Dulaney penned, establishing a track record of success early on his musical journey. His new album, appropriately titled Your Great Name (eOne Entertainment), streets on January 19, 2018.

Dulaney is consistent in his desire to point people to Jesus through his music and life. Throughout the past few years he has been recognized for his dedication and musical prowess among his peers. A GRAMMY®, Stellar, and Dove Award nominated artist, Dulaney stands out from other emerging artists in the genre, and is revered as one of the influencers of the next generation of Gospel music.

On the heels of a groundbreaking start to his music career, Your Great Name will prove to be a game changing album for Dulaney when it releases at the top of 2018. His emphasis on vertical worship, along with his drive to strengthen believers’ personal relationship with God, have proven to be exactly what the genre needed. “I wanted to create an experience that showcased a bigger sound, encouraged corporate worship, and would cross cultures,” says Dulaney. “I believe we achieved that with this body of work.”

The common thread of Dulaney’s music is to invigorate listeners to worship, make bold confessions of their faith, and incorporate musical elements that reflect an array of cultures.The lead single and title track is already being incorporated into worship services across the country. Dulaney has once again penned an anthemic and declarative song that is resonating in the hearts of believers everywhere. “This song drives home the message that Jesus is the answer,” states Delaney. “It’s also a song that delivers tempo, powerful and proclaiming lyrics, and a sound that bridges the cultural gap. I’m honored that congregations across the nation and internationally have gravitated to it so early.”

“Stand Forever” is another standout cut on the forthcoming album. Dulaney derived inspiration for the song from the beloved passage of scripture that states, “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words will never pass away.” With a message that God’s Word stands forever, it encourages listeners to be bold, to be resolute in their belief, and to be committed to carrying this message to others. Triumphantly, the song declares, “We won’t stop calling Your name. We won’t quit seeking Your face. We want You!”

Rising worship vocalist, Shana Wilson, has a featured duet on “King of Glory.” Dulaney aims to create moments that bring listeners more closely into their experience with God and “King of Glory” is a simple song by design that does just that. Its catchy refrains and resounding drums highlights the strength of the musicality of the song. It’s energy drives home the message of being free in God’s presence to worship, which is also a core element of Todd Dulaney’s ministry.

“Fall in Love Again,” a fun, mid-tempo track, highlights other facets of Dulaney’s sound with its catchy musical swiftness, fusing Gospel, Rock, Pop, and CCM sounds. The acoustic sounds coupled with the electric guitar, and a funky vocal progression and regression, make it a must hear song on the album.

Todd Dulaney is poised to take this great body of work to as many as will hear it. His desire is to foster freedom in worship by creating atmospheres that inhabit God’s presence. Dulaney is resolute in his commitment and call to provide quality music that embraces multiculturalism and unity. Dulaney says, “My music is a collection of my life experiences. My career in sports and being around people from all over the world really shaped how I wanted to present what I write and record. I wasn’t groomed in church culture, so my perspective is different. I want all people to be drawn to my music. My hope is that I will be successful at pointing people to Jesus, no matter what. That is what I want my legacy to be.”