Jason Whitehorn

Singer and songwriter Jason Whitehorn left his music career in country music nearly twenty years ago to pursue a calling to write songs for the collective church. Today, his songs are sung in churches, heard on the radio, and have become an anthem for trials, tribulations and triumphs in life.

Jason Whitehorn has had a varied history in music – touring in both the secular, CCM, and worship realms. Jason has played as a solo artist and played or worked with the likes of Darryl Worley, Confederate Railroad, Kenny Chesney, Matt Maher, Casting Crowns, and more. As a result, Jason has enjoyed working with several companies over the years in providing quality gear for worship and performance. Below is a listing of companies that either support Jason in artist relations or Jason endorses.

Jason plays with Gopher Wood products for acoustic sets. His primary guitar is a Gopher Wood G800RE while his backup are a custom Gibson J-200 and a custom 1950’s antiquity Gibson J-45. Jason is endorsed as an artist by Gopher Woods guitars. Learn more about Jason’s guitar and Gopher Woods in the video below.